The modern workplace requires employees to be versatile and multiskilled. Lifelong learning has become a necessary component of effective career management which means we are all responsible for our professional development, especially where new employment opportunities come to light.

Ishango College identified this need and what followed for a number of years was the extensive development of software, educational platforms including virtual education material, online assessment tools, e-commerce platforms and a prospectus of proficiency courses. Our new logo and website was officially launched in 2021.


Ishango bone

Ishango comes from the Ishango Bone, a bone tool, dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic era. It was a dark brown piece of bone (likely the fibula of a four-footed animal no bigger than a dog) with a sharp piece of quartz affixed to one end.

It might have been used for engraving while some scholars thought of it as a tally stick, as it had a series of engraved tally marks carved in three columns running the length of the tool, others believed that the scratches might have been to create a better grip on the handle.

Whatever the reasons for the strange looking tool, it certainly played an important role in those early cave dwelling communities. It was some of the earliest signs that humanity was using their own crafted tools to fulfil a number of important tasks.

In similar fashion, Ishango sees itself as being part of a greater community comprising employees, business owners, executives, organisations, artists and many other disciplines, and we want to be as useful in helping these communities and the economy as a whole, develop to its full potential.

Ishango College will empower you to take control of your career and personal development by offering quality distance learning programs which can be completed online.

Everybody wants to increase their earning potential. The best way to improve our future opportunities and our standard of living is to increase our knowledge and skills through study to improve our chances of being employed, promoted or to start our own business.

Develop your skills. Join Ishango today.