Our proficiency based learning system enables students to be in charge of their educational process and helps to increase their personal motivation. Engagement is encouraged by presenting relevant and real-world problems which requires creativity, problem solving abilities and analytical thinking.

Our proficiency courses help students to achieve the following career goals:


Every human being gains experience and advance through different life stages. We will certainly face challenges along the way. Hardships in new employment positions, our relationships, our careers and in our personal lives.

In order to move forward we need to learn how best to adapt to our changing circumstances. One sure method is to develop the skills and emotional intelligence needed to raise our own awareness of our changing environment.

Ishango offers access to e-learning platforms where you can study and develop your skills and knowledge at your own pace. Personal development is a continuous effort to improve your abilities and to remain actively involved in your career, relationships, education and life.

Personal development is a valuable principle that can help you achieve a number of important personal changes:

Break out of your comfort zone

It’s so easy to fall into a mind-numbing routine or position, where we get completely comfortable and relaxed — this is known as a rut. Stepping out of that place, learning something new, and challenging yourself is frightening. This is why completing a course and gaining new knowledge can be so rewarding. Challenging yourself and applying your mind to something new is the start of a new you!

Play towards your strengths

We learn better when we have fun and enjoy the experiences. Improving our skills and knowledge in areas we are already passionate about enhances the learning experience and will help us to play to our strengths. Apply for a course you’ve always wanted to do. Studying online will stand you in good stead and become a useful tool to help improve your existing capabilities.

Increase your overall confidence

With improved education comes a certain sense of achievement and personal empowerment. Adding more to our skills and knowledge does wonders for our confidence. Confident people are more likely to sell their personal skills to potential employers and they make better employees and leaders. Believe in yourself — you can do it!

Raise your

A new course or programme can help you identify what makes you happy, what ignites your passion and what other things you enjoy doing.

Self-awareness is about having a personal belief, a dream and the know-how to create a plan that will get us there and succeed.